Npower to offer new boiler grant for over 60s

Thursday, 13 January 2011 4:41 PM

Households considering a new boiler can benefit from a £350 grant from Npower, as the energy supplier is stepping in to fill the void created by the three-month suspension of the Government’s Warm Front scheme.

Npower will be offering this grant to residents aged 60 or over, which can be reclaimed against the cost of a new boiler. The £350 scheme will run until April, when the Government’s own £300 scheme will resume.

To qualify for this grant, your boiler must be at least 10 years old, and the scheme will only be open to those living in England.

Npower is keen for Brits to trade up on their old boiler, as this can increase the energy efficiency of their home dramatically. A new A-rated boiler can be over 90 per cent energy efficient, a 30 per cent improvement on some old boilers.

Joan Coe, marketing manager for npower hometeam, added that "Old boilers are more susceptible to breaking down. This can pose a health and safety risk to homeowners as well as having financial implications.”

Cheap insulation and online npower guide

Insulate your home from £1 per roll

Now there is no excuse not to insulate to save money and energy this winter. Npower have launched a scheme offering savvy DIY experts loft insulation for just £1 a roll from npower's partner Build Center, with free delivery and online help.

Going green could save energy and money

Go green with your boiler and get £400 from British Gas

British Gas is offering households up to £400 to replace their old boiler with an energy efficient model. Consumers who trade in their appliance for an A rated Worcester Bosch boiler will get £400 off, with £200 discount up for grabs on other models.

Fifth of homes suffered boiler break down

Average boiler repair bill comes in at £320

A fifth of UK households were faced with an average repair bill of £320 when their boilers broke down last year. Despite this, research by found 58 per cent of families do not have boiler cover, with 48 per cent seeing it as an unnecessary expense.

Warm Front scheme could help with boiler costs

Financial help to heat up your home and cut costs

Not enough people are taking advantage of Government help to heat up their homes. The Warm Front scheme offers heating and insulation improvements to households living on low incomes but is set for up to a £30 million underspend this year.

'Act now to get best rates for solar panels'

Go green 'sooner rather than later'

Homeowners planning to go green are being advised to take the plunge sooner rather than later, particularly where solar panels are concerned. Currently, those who have panels installed are paid for the electricity they generate under the Feed-in-Tariffs Scheme.

Heat water only when needed, says the ECA

How simple energy cutting steps could save you hundreds

A new energy saving guide has been published which is packed with advice, aimed at helping householders save hundreds of pounds. Tips include using energy saving lightbulbs and changing your thermostat settings.

Energy saving device to cut heating bills

New energy saving device promises to cut heating bills

A new energy saving device designed to help UK homeowners beat the energy companies’ heating bill increases this winter is now available. Rising fuel prices mean homeowners are frantically searching for ways to cut their heating bills and maximise the benefits they get from the heating they pay for

Keep your house protected against winter weather

Heating company offers winter weather tips

With winter weather well and truly here, online plumbing and heating company PlumbNation has also published its top ten tips to protect your home this winter.

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